Tokyo Marui Next-Gen AK47 Recoil Shock

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A true classic faithfully reproduced by Tokyo Marui, the AK47 Type 3 Next Generation sports a solid stock. Cycling the metal charging handle is music to my ears due to the fact that this AK is has recoil. Metal parts include barrel assembly, magazine, bolt, trigger, firing selector and range adjustable sights. Everything you think is made out of wood is in fact plastic. Accommodates a small battery which which is stored in the upper section of the handguard. One of the most accurate AEGs out of the box. Metal flash hider screws off to reveal counter-clockwise 14mm thread for attachment of silencer (not included).


  • EBB AK47.
  • Imitation wood with everything else metal.
  • Hop up adjustable in the breach
  • Battery Compartment in Upper Handguard
  • Automatic Bolt Lock System on Magazine
  • 14mm CCW Thread
  • Comes with a magazine with 90 rounds
  • Length - 875mm
  • Weight - 2750g
  • Power Source - Battery Powered
  • Blowback - Yes
  • Shooting Modes - Semi, Full Auto
  • Hop-up - Adjustable in Breach
  • Magazine Compatibility - Its own 90 Rnd Magazine.
  • FPS - 310
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