Maple Leaf Cool Shot Silicone Bucking 70°

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Maple Leaf release the silicone version of "Cool Shot" Hop rubber.Just like the "Hot Shot" rubber before, the "Cool Shot" rubber is for AEG Hop system with GBB inner barrel. Feature:
  • New Silicone material with better performance like Anti-Low Temperature for GBB series
  • No Cold-Bore Shot effect, the first shot will be stabilize like after couple shots , good for bolt action sniper rifle
  • Fittable with Maple Leaf GBB inner barrel & Crazy Jet inner barrel

The degrees of the hop-up buckings mark their compatibility with guns of different muzzle energies or power levels. In general, you could say: the more powerful the gun, the higher the degree. The manufacturer recommends choosing the degree of your bucking as follows:

Degree and color  /  Recommended power range :
  • 50 : Less than 110 m/s (1.2 J)
  • 60 : 90-120 m/s (0.8-1.5 J)
  • 70 : 110-140 m/s (1.2-2 J)
  • 75 : 130-150 m/s (1.7-2.25 J)
  • 80 : over 150 m/s (2.25 J)
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