Novritsch Full Thrust Kit - Short SSG24 Barrel

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Novritsch SSG24 Short Barrel – Full Thrust Kit (6.44mm)


Novritsch SSG24 – Full Thrust Kit (6.44mm) SHORT SSG24 BARREL

With the NOVRITSCH FULL THRUST KIT installed in your SSG24 you can use 6.44mm 0.58g Bio BBs.

The bigger diameter and the heavier weight results in more range, better accuracy, and stability in wind.

You will get all these advantages while causing less injuries due to the bigger impact surface.
The 0.58g BBs are biodegradable which makes them ideal for outdoor games.

The installation is easy, follow the included video installation guide, and your rifle will be ready in a matter of minutes.

Deze kit is (nog) niet bij alle organisaties/velden toegestaan omwille van de 6.44 bb's.  


  • Easy installation
  • Screw adjustment
  • Easy and convenient 
  • Wind drift advantage
  • Inertia advantage
  • Consistent backspin
  • Less air resistance
  • Consistent magnus effect


  • 6.44mm precision barrel
  • 6.44mm precision hop up chamber
  • 6.44mm hop up bucking
  • 6.44mm hop up arm
  • 6.44mm magazine
  • 6.44mm stainless steel loading nozzle
  • 6.44mm speed loader
  • Drill template
  • Drill
  • Allen key
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