Airsoftpro VSR ZERO trigger Gen.5

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The new 5th generation of the Zero trigger again brings a number of changes and improvements. At first glance, a modern shape with bevelled edges is visible. The whole shape was completely redesigned. Only two components are identical to the previous generation. The shape modifications now allow to use in M40 (CM.700) as well as. The upper edge follows the round shape of the bolt housing and fits better on it. The steel and hardened spring guide stopper is now part of the entire trigger. The 5th generation brings back safety lever into the game.  It is now part of the package and you can decide whether to simply screw it on or not. Each piece also has its own serial number.

A significant novelty is the adjustable trigger for an ideal position in the bow. The trigger can slide in the groove of the base and is secured with a small allen screw. You can access it even when gun is fully assembled. Smooth adjustment is possible in a 7 mm travel length. Player can set his ideal trigger position.

This is just Zero trigger packing. Please make sure you have a compatible piston with a vertical (0 degree) catch in your rifle. CYMA CM.700 is fully compatible, but if you have VSR system gun, you have to replace also piston. You can find it in this e-shop under 6720 code, or you can buy a complete Upgrade ZERO set including the piston, spring guide and spring under code 10300.




  • Body made by CNC machining from light, but durable aluminum alloy 6061-T6.
  • Aluminum parts with high quality matt anodized finish
  • Piston sear, trigger sear and the spring guide stopper are made of steel and hardened to HRC 28-32.
  • The top of the trigger is equiped with ball bearing for the smoother trigger moove.
  • Trigger position is now adjustable.
  • Axis are made of stainless steel.
  • Two torsional springs safety returns catch to the original position.
  • Whole trigger is made of 28 parts.
  • Tested up to M170 springs.
  • All spare parts available (based on request).
  • Easy to install under 10 minutes.
  • Complete set is designed and assembled in the Czech Republic. Partial technical solutions are protected by copyright!
  • Package include trigger , assembly screws and safety lever assembly


ZERRO UPGRADE TRIGGER set is compatible with:

  • Marui VSR-10

  • JG BAR-10 (please note that newest models use M4 assembly screws. Out trigger uses M3 so some modification may be needed)

  • Well MB02, MB03, MB07, MB09, MB10, MB11

  • CYMA CM.700 (cannot use safety lever)
  • CYMA CM.701
  • CYMA CM.708

Doesn't fit on M24, Marui AWS, Well MA4401,4402 or Well L96.



Durable and reliable trigger mechanism is basic premise for a successful upgrade sniper rifle. Stock supplied trigger mechanism is sufficient for basic springs. But when you use stronger springs, significantly increases possibility of the damage. Unfortunately you can`t avoid this even with cheap alloy triggers. Only steel machined mechanism can ensure the greatest durability.


Rifles working on a system Marui VSR have very bad piston catch system. It is capturing only a small edge and angle of 45 degrees. This is sufficient for relatively basic weak spring, but can`t hold stronger springs. In addition, 45 degree system lift piston end and cause jam in the cylinder. Our CNC metal trigger mechanism brings different solution. It holds piston at 0 degree (here comes name Zero Trigger). Surface is larger and can hold stronge springs.

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