Airsoftpro Steel cylinder for TM VSR

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Steel durable cylinder is required in case of any upgrade. Stock cylinder is made of aluminium and weak. It is easy to damage it with stronger upgrade spring. Our AirsoftPro steel cylinder was sucessfully tested on the strongest springs.

Cylinder is made of steel seamless tube with inserted steel handle spine. Both parts are tighthly welded on the four points and polished for the smooth surface. All made on CNC machines.

Surface of this cylinder has been protected by alcalic oxidation process, which is commonly used on the real guns. Please keep cylinder greased or oiled to protect corrosion - It is steel!


  • Cylinder is fully compatible with the Well guns MB02, 03, 07, 10, 11, 12. All inner and outer parts fit without a problem.

  • Cylinder also fit into Tokyo Marui VSR10 and JG BAR10 rifles. But the inner diameter of the cylinder is little bit smaller so cylinder can be combined only with the AirsoftPro Upgrade parts. For example with the popular Zero Trigger! The original pistons may jam inside and we can not  ensure proper operation.


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