Acetech Predator X Tracer Unit (AT2000R Module inside)

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Levertijd: Standaard DPD verzending

This tracer unit can illuminate both green and red tracer BBs. With each shot, the sensors of the silencer detect a passing ball and flash the lamp briefly to "light up" the ball, making it visible in the dark during its flight. It is visible for the entire flight path and is a great spectacle.


  • works with both green illuminated BBs and red BBs, perfect for all night games
  • Lithium battery can take 20,000 shots on a single charge
  • allows a rate of fire of up to 35 shots per second, brighter than conventional illumination silencers.
  • Thread: 14mm left-hand internal
  • module power supply via micro USB
  • made in Taiwan


Dimensions:Length 154mm, Diameter 37mm
Weight: 190g
Module: AT2000R
Connector: micro USB
Module size: 68mm x 32mm
Firing speed: up to 35 RPS
Battery: Li-Ion
BBs: green illuminating and red illuminating BB

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