Acetech Genesis Compact Bifrost tracer unit for G-Series 19

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Innovative tracer unit/ flashlight / chronograph and more for your G-Series 19:

  • Bifrost muzzle flame effect.
  • Tactical light and laser sight combo.
  • Built-in chronograph.
  • Quick assembly via Picatinny rail.
  • Fast charging with a type-c charge port.
  • Support green tracer bbs, red tracer bbs, and standard bbs.

At each shot, the tracer unit sensors detect the flying bb and flash briefly to "light up" the bb and make the bb visible in the dark during its flight. It is visible throughout the flight path and it is a great spectacle.

However, the most interesting feature of Bifrost is the simulation of a flash from the muzzle, especially when shooting with a multicolor effect. The blast is best seen when used on gas weapons, when the remnants of the gas after the shot are lit. The effect of the flame depends on the volume of gas or mist around the muzzle of the barrel, the larger the volume, the greater the effect. At the end of the silencer there are 3 LED diodes, which illuminate the flying ball and gas (air) around the barrel when fired. The effect is visible even when used on electric weapons, although a little weaker. In addition, with Bifrost you can choose which color and in which mode it will be used.

There are 2 lighting modes and a total of 11 variants of flame imitation - from individual colors, through RGB, Rainbow and Dynamic Rainbow mode.

Package contents: Genesis, Mounting base for G-Series 19, charging USB-C cable, hex key, manual
Dimensions: 132 x 66,7mm
Weight: 254 g

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