Acetech Acehive 40mm Gas Grenade (2x) + Spawner speedloader

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Introducing the latest revolution in airsoft gear - AceHive gas grenades that will transform your battle experience! These grenades offer incredible filling speed. In just a second, the included Spawner filler loads the entire grenade with 80 BBs, ready for immediate action. With AceHive grenades, say goodbye to the endless manual loading of BBs one by one. Enjoy continuous action with instant reloading! The suitable gas is the classic GreenGas.

The transparent design of the grenades allows you to instantly see where the grenade is fully loaded. Maintain awareness of your grenades' status and prepare for any combat situation with confidence. The grenade is easily refillable in the heat of battle.

AceHive grenades are also designed to be compatible with a wide range of 40mm airsoft grenade launchers. Whether you're using short pistol-style grenade launchers, M203s, or RPGs with 40mm rounds, these grenades are the ideal choice for you.

Forget the hassle of reloading and focus on the game. With AceHive grenades, you can forget about lengthy and tedious loading. From now on, channel all your energy into tactics, strategy, and victory!



Number of pieces in the package:
 2 AceHive grenades + SPAWNER filler = STARTER PACK
Capacity: 80 BBs
Recommended gas: GreenGas

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