Tokyo Marui G19 Gen 4 GBB

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After several models of the G series, Tokyo Marui finally decided to release the G19 in 2019.

This new model is not just a replica of the G26/17 or 18C having a smaller size, Marui designed  this new model from A to Z by improving several parts of it.

- The serial number safety label is wider and thicker.
- The magazine hold button is enhanced with a metal piece as in G22 and 34.
- The Trigger bar spring is thicker as for the G22 and 34.
- The slide level is reinforced at the slide stop with a metal piece.
- The spring guide is equipped with a rubber recoil buffer pad.
- The hop up chamber is completely different from other G models
- Target sights are more visible thanks to their well-defined outline and white point.
- The inner barrel measures 87mm.
- Its magazinehas a capacity of 22 bbs.

The magazine for the G17/18/26/34, the G 22 magazine and the Hicap magazines are compatible with this model. (they will go beyond the base)

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