Tokyo Marui G18C GBB

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Tokyo Marui G18C gas blowback pistol, this model has full auto and single shot and is one of the most popular and best performing gbb pistols of all time.  As all marui's do you can expect great all year round performance, even in winter.

Major Features -

  • Realized 1,200 full auto per minute: Blow back engine developed exclusively for G18C, equipped with stable recoil UP and high speed operation. You can enjoy the same rate of fire as the real on full stroke.
  • Full semi-automatic switching type: By operating the selector on the side of the slide, full semi-automatic can be switched with one touch.
  • Reproduce a unique style: faithfully reproduces the dynamic port of barrel and slide of G18C, a compensator model.
  • 3rd Generation Style Raildoor Frame: The frame integrated with a 20mm wide under rail that can be fitted with CQB equipped lights is equipped with a finger channel and a thumb rest that always allows the best gripping .
  • Cocking indicator: Depending on the resting position of the trigger, the gimmick that can easily judge whether the main body is in the firing state is installed.
  • Die cast magazine: 25 magazines and a cold-resistant die-cast magazine are included.
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