Airtac Hi-Capa/SSP/SSP5 to M4 HPA Adapter (Next-Gen) + Short Stroke Kit

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Run M4 AEG magazines on HPA with your HI-CAPA airsoft pistol.


  • Compatible with TM, WE and SSP5 Hi-Capa magazines

  • CNC Mag Release and Feed Tube

  • Includes single stack adapter and O ring

  • BB retention mechanism to reduce BB loss during magazine changes

  • US HPA FITTING as standard

  • Compatible with Flared Mag-wells

We’ve taken feedback on thousands of M4 HPA adapters sold throughout 2022, to build what we believe to be the perfect HPA adapter. A CNC feed tube and recessed CNC mag release provide lifelong longevity, a flared magwell enables speedy mag changes, and an adjustable shim gives excellent magazine compatibility and fitment (though you won’t need it for most magazines!).

The optional short stroke kit is a series of small rubber buffers that fit onto your pistols guide rod. They act to reduce the travel distance of the slide, hence reducing cycle time, increasing 'snappyness' of your pistol.

M4 Adapter Info

  • Compatible with most airsoft M4 magazines. We recommend EPM1/EPM1s magazines for high ROF setups, as they have the strongest springs
  • 2-3 BBs are dropped when changing mag
  • Image shows fileable/replaceable rear shim
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