Antifog Safety Goggles - Low Profile

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Levertijd: Standaard DPD verzending

These low-profile goggles do not fog easily and are among our favorite Airsoft eye protection.


  • Dual Lens system.
  • Antifog coating.
  • Removable elastic band.
  • Full-seal padding on the inside for improved comfort and protection.

  The goggles arrive in a branded bag that you can use for transport and cleaning.

  Do not store the goggles in closed or humid environments such as transport cases and bags. Doing so will degrade the anti-fog treatment layer and increase the chance of fogging.

  Do not clean under running water. Doing so may result in moisture getting in between the dual lenses, which is hard to get out.

  Do not clean with alcohol or other solvents. It can damage the plastic lens. Use a microfiber cloth only.

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