EAGLE6 Flat Hop Arms for AA12/SGR12

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Eagle6 Airsoft - Flat Hop Arms For AA12/SGR12 Automatic Electric Shotgun Series

Product Information -

These are 3d printed flat hop arms, the concept is to replace the angled outside hop arms present on the aa12 and SGR12 as standard and replace them with flat "normal" versions.  The results are improved groupings especially at range, and more consistent accuracy and results, we also found fps seems to bump a little too.  Too be honest this is an absolutely must have install for any AA12 and SGR12 owner even if you keep the standard barrels and dont fit tightbores.  But this is a prime opportunity to fit tightbore barrels to get an fps bump.  The aa12s and SGR12s suffer from very low FPS, any fps you can gain from not fitting a stronger spring is something we highly recommend.

please note: some hand filing may be required prior / during install due to the sometimes rough nature of 3d printing having a little flash attached as we break them off the 3d sheets.

Confirmed To Fit - 

Toyko Marui - AA12 Automatic Electric Shotgun Series

Toyko Marui - SGR12 Automatic Electric Shotgun Series

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